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Default Foot Pain from Running Help

Hello, I know there are a bunch of runners on ISH and I am having trouble finding out what is wrong with my foot using google.

Basically I have a pain during the first few steps I take after getting out of bed, up from the couch or whatever. If you look down at your foot the pain starts about an inch in front of my ankle and goes to the outside of my foot. After I walk for a bit I can still feel it but it is not really painful, it's a strange feeling. I can make it hurt if I flex my toes upwards and turn my foot outwards. Only when I do both of these things, one or the other by itself I get no pain at all.

This started on Sunday after I ran a fast 5 miles on Saturday (fast for me, 35 minutes). I felt great during the run and after, but it hurt when I woke up Sunday morning. I ran 2 miles on Monday and I could feel it a little during my run but I wouldn't describe it as painful. As soon as I got off the treadmill though my foot felt really unstable. Again not much pain because I'd been standing on it for a while, but it just felt like my foot was going to collapse. I skipped my 2nd run Monday and took today off.

My symptoms don't match any of the common foot injuries I've read about so hopefully you guys can shed some light on this for me. Much appreciated.
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