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Default Re: Y'all know the Vikes are gonna make the playoffs right?

Originally Posted by stallionaire
Skol Vikigns!

Went to the lions game last sunday. Loved the domination.

6 games.

4 division games

we need 4 wins to get into the playoffs at least i'm thinking.

we got this


How'd that 8-1 result turn out you so confidently professed should and likely would happen?

Oh wait, that didn't happen. Here again, you're being WAY OVERLY optimistic saying Minnesota will win another four games ... I'm not even going to respond to that.

Here's what you should do. After Week 17, come back into this thread, read exactly what you posted, then go somewhere there's a mirror you can look into. As you look into said mirror, raise your right hand, grip and close your fist, then start whaling the shit out of the side of your head. Maybe if you *ring* your bell enough you and the other homer Vikings fans will wake the hell up and come to the realization you guys were on some SMH shit, amplified by 2, +1, and1.

I don't care if Peterson runs laps around moon and inspires Barry Sanders to come out of retirement and compete again... it simply can't be enough to among to anything against a Bears team on the rebound this week who will do nothing short of murder Minnesota Sunday. Packers won't be slacking, Chicago will probably be in top form by the time face again, Packers too. Texans aren't the type of team to play slouchy even if they're a lock for the playoffs, and any team Jeff Fisher is coaching will give you nothing less than 100% and against a nervous "OMG we must win" on pins and needles Vikings team desperate to get a W to salvage their season will probably play right into the Rams hands and it's very possible you guys will lose that game too.

It's possible (not saying likely, but certainly possible) your team finishes the season without a single additional victory. 6-10. Yeah, I know sounds insane after they're success being 6-4, but this is the NFL where we've seen even less likely possibilities happen, and let us not forget we're talking about a franchise with historic failure when it counts (four SB appearances, four losses). They've choked just as much as any other NFL franchise that resides @ 123 Epic Failure Ave, so why should this year by any different? Because Christian Ponder is your savior?

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