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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
So THIS isn't a 'cover up' to you, but the Obama administration's handling of the Benghazi matter is... after the intelligence community made it clear they are the ones who altered the talking points?

McCain has given up his misguided crusade and admitted he was mistaken. It's time for you to follow his lead.

It is a coverup if they mentioned a video as the source when there was absolutely no reason to believe so.

In regards to the 9/11 attacks, maybe she did lie. But the video presents mostly irrelevant information on page numbers, which doesn't really have any bearing what so ever on the debate on whether she lied or not. Even if she did, little could have been done to prevent that specific kind of attack, other than straightening airport security, which I don't believe was at all discussed as a possible attack method. Could be poor memory, because the reports did in fact talk about the history of Al-Qaida.
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