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Default North Carolina rapper Petey Pablo currently serving a sentence, behind bars ATM.

I was just reading some various things online, and happen to come across an article that mentioned one-hit-wonder (NORTH CAROLINA! - COME ON AND RAISE UP^! TAKE YA SHIRT OFF, SPIN IT AROUND LIKE A HELICOPTER!" - haha) Petey Pablo, is serving a three year sentence for attempting to transport a 9mm handgun on a US Airways flight.

Granted, I haven't followed this guy in awhile, but I was completely oblivious to this. Was anybody else aware of this ordeal or have any other information about why he was moronic enough to even consider such a risk?

While we're on the subject of Petey Pablo, revisiting his debut album, whether or not you admit it, Raise Up was dope, but what your opinion of "I" feat. Timberland?

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