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Default Re: Official Comic Book Match-up VI

i dont see how Doom loses..hes done more with less.

By prior judgement alone, it has been established that Kyle would be in a weakened position. Also, Doom is savy enough to use an energy manipulator to convert the green lanterns energy projections into Kryptonite. Hes done bigger things than that, and 24 hour prep allows him to reveal the most widely known weakness being the little green rock to the faster than a locomotive man.

One of the signature abilities of the GL ring is the ability to simulate any form of energy, from the fundamental forces of electromagnetism and gravity, to the common forms of heat and electricity, to the exotic forms of hard light and concussive energy, to the traditional energies of the electromagnetic spectrum.

That includes simulating Kryptonite radiation. The versility of the Power Rings are immense. There's a reason they're considered to arguably be the greatest weapon in the universe.

Doom is notorious for using other beings advantages against them.. this is Dr. Doom were talking about. He exploits and everything and anything available to him.. his intellect is unmatched when his nefarious mind gets obsessive.

Also, Dr. Doom who has already defeated Galactus of all beings with prep cant beat and outlast Superman? aided i guess by a weakened Kyle??

Dr. Doom will not be Denied..

Doom Given prep time can beat ANYONE

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