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Default Illini thread. Feel free to delete, Jeff or anyone else, if I'm the only one left.

So, again, kinda douchy of me, but seeing as how a)it's the day before Thanksgiving so I'm pretty drunk, as per tradition, b)the Illini just won Maui, and c)I've had something of a presence here over the years that I've let go doormant, I'm restarting the Illini fan thread that went on for years. Hopefully some of my brethren are still around.


1. Winnng Maui. That's pretty awesome, right? Granted, the level of comp wasn't Elite Eight caliber. But it was still pretty cool.

2. **** the results of one tourney. The more important thing? The fact that Illini hoops is fun to watch again. I was watching with a bunch of friends, and I...I think it was a D.J. three attempt, kinda haphazard. My immediate reaction was, "NO!!! You can't take that!" Thinking, of course, that our former coach would shout him down and coach the aggressiveness out of him.

No more. It's just so refreshing to have a coach who demands an aggressive, high-scoring style of play. No wonder Evan Turner tweeted to Brandon Paul how much he'd love playing for John Groce.

3. Speaking of Twitter.....did I really see Cliff Alexander tweeting about how impressive the Illini were the other night? I mean, losing out on Keita Bates-Diop SUCKS. Elite downstate prospects are ones that you usually think Illinois has to get. But when you're getting the attention of the even-more-elite, top-five-in-the-nation elite Chicago recruits like Alexander?

It might not mean a commit, but it doesn't mean nothing, either.

Even if the immediate returns don't turn out to be as encouraging as they look at this moment...things look good.

Oh, and also. He may no longer be the Illinois football coach, but I'm keeping my avatar as is. Not only is Zook obviously better than the dumpster fire who replaced him (not that Zook didn't need to go, but that's another story) but it's just a hilarious pic, still.

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