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Default Re: So, uh...anyone here still remember me? Been awhile, I know.

Originally Posted by TheGame414
Anyway....I'm still an alive person.

If any of my fellow Illini fans are still, it's nice to have a team that's fun to watch again. Even after winning Maui (which, believe me, I'm not understating...I found a way to meet up with three different groups of friends AFTER watching the game with another group of friends) I don't know how good we are. But regardless, it's so refreshing to watch Illini hoops be (at the worst) watchable again, and (best-case) be HIGHLY entertaining again.

Anyway, I'm a busy man these days, but I figured I'd check in. It's been nearly two years since I posted here, and while I'm a diehard fan I'm a fairweather poster; I don't subject myself to torture when my team sucks. But I'm thrilled with Groce (and having met him in my new line of work, I'd like to say he's an awesome dude in addition to being a pretty legit hoops coach) and couldn't be happier with the style of hoops we're now playing.

I hope I can convince myself to stick around (again, I don't know if anyone remembers me enough to care if I do or not) but regardless, I think I plan on not totally vanishing again.

wat, two years? I still remember you bitching about Bruce as if it was yesterday...

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