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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
Tyson actually put together a solid game last night.

Not getting how putting in Camby, who clearly is not in game shape would help withe non existent wing defense.
Don't let numbers deceive you. Tyson was AWFUL in the first 3 quarters.
He scored some baskets but 90% of the credit goes to our best player last night,Raymond Felton.

If you paid attention to Tyson you would have seen that he wasn't boxing out and he wasn't even trying to contest shots. NO HELP DEFENSE AT ALL.

What would Camby do ? He wouldn't stop them from scoring outside but he would have at least blocked some shots instead of giving them easy layups every time they go inside. Also he would have helped us on the boards.

Tyson played like real Tyson only in the 4th quarter. In other 3 quarters he was looking like Amare who lost his offense. Translated: he looked awful.

You guys know that I supported his signing. But Tyson Chandler has been by far the biggest disappointment this season. If he played like he did last season we could have possibly be 10-0 right now.
His 0 rebounds in the 1st half in Memphis and terrible effort throughout 3 quarters last night really hurt us.
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