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Default Finally Dunking With Ease

Wassup guys, you guys may not remember me but I was on this forum a few years back when I was 16. My problem was I could almost dunk but I could palm the ball yet and I needed about an inch more on my vert.

Now im 19 (still about 5'11) and could dunk with ease. I was playing a pickup game in the gym about 2 days ago and it was my first time actually dunking during a game I had 3 dunks. The first one I had a defender on my tail and I just decided Ill jump as high as I can and just put it in. I ended up getting up high and flushing it in while he tried to block it from the back.

I think my body just developed and got stronger naturally although I squatted a few times last year nothing serious though.

I want to be able to dunk consistently off 1 leg tho. Thats my next goal. Any tips on how I should go about this?

P.S: Next time im back in the gym ill make a mini dunk vid to prove it.
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