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Default Re: WWE '13 Roster Revealed (Attitude Era Included This Year)

Streaming WWE13 tag tournaments, royal rumble, etc. All cpu controlled. I can't stop watching.

Quote: --- YouTube page with clips from previous matches.

The Roster: The Angry Video Game Nerd, Agent 47, Ash Ketchum, Bowser, Charlies Barkley, Cole, Dante, Donkey Kong, Dr. Doom, Duke Nukem, Dr. Eggman, Egoraptor, Ezio, Gabe, Ganon, Guile, Hitler, The Hulk, JonTron, Leon, Little Mac, Luigi, M.Bison, Mario, Max Payne, Mega Man, Mr. Satan, Nappa, Ness, Obama, Phoenix Wright, Proto Man, The Pyro, Ralph, The Red Ranger, Scorpion, The Scout, Sephiroth, Solid Snake, Sonic the Hedgehog, Vegeta, Waluigi, Dr. Wily, Woody, Zangief.
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