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Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
What made Gaints fans think they would get into the playoffs last year when they were 5-6?...Or the first Eli ring when talks of Tom Coughlin being fired where going around during the regular season? If anyone could understand it's not over you would think it would be Giant's fans...but I know you're just a shit talker, which you have become more and more of, not a good look on you niko because it is making it harder to take your posts seriously...

dozens upon dozens of teams have made the post season after being wouldn't be a first


I'll say this though, Dallas' o-line is so bad that even if we made the post season, any hopes of a SB appearance are dim...that line has to come together somehow.
Giants play good sometimes and play bad sometimes like every team. However we do not consistently crack under pressure and we don't have bad coaching. I don't think it's impossible for a 5-6 team to make it. I doubt your team specifically.

Who has a better feel for your team, me or you? Did i not tell you Bears would shit on them? Did i not tell you they would lose to Seahawks? Did i not say you'd beat the Eagles? Did i not say Washington would beat you down?

Yes, if the Giants suck and lose every game you can make it because someone needs to but i'd put you behind the Redskins easily at this point and if all of us are fighting to see who is at 7-9 going in none of us are more than a 1 and done.

Fans of teams mistake hoping for expecting. Hoping your Cowboys makes a run makes sense, telling me that what we've seen so far indicates a run about to come is stupid. You sound like Rex Ryan and the Jets. THAT RUN IS COMING - OH YEAH ITS COMING..
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