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Originally Posted by niko
I said this last week, what makes Dallas fans think you will win these games? Like washington can't beat you again? By the time you get to Pittsburgh, Big Ben will be back and they will steamroll you. NO? Seriously?

Okay, let me explain...

We have 10 days to rest up for Philadelphia, and this time we play them at home... maybe we get Demarco Murray back finally and he can start to get the running game going. Either way, with or without Demarco... We will obviously be favored to beat Philadelphia since we've already done it this year. We shouldn't have a problem here even if Vick is back. (However, injuries are a major concern right now with Bruce Carter and Miles Austin banged up.)

Now here comes the hard part...

I went ahead and put a loss to Cincy, because we play them on the road... That doesn't mean we automatically loose the game, but if we do happen to win... all we have to do is win 1 home game out of our next 2, and that shouldn't be impossible. Pittsburgh and New Orleans are both having problems this year so it's not like we can't beat them... Vegas will probably have us favored to win both of these games... So, with that said... Beating Cincinnati would be a huge win for us... I got that game marked on my calendar. Even if Big Ben comes back by the time we play him, he'll have a little rust on him... The way I see it is both games will be close, Pittsburgh will be ground & pound, and New Orleans will be a shootout... since both games are at home, the edge goes to us...

That leaves Washington... clearly they kicked our ass yesterday, but this is the NFL, and all I'm hoping for is that we go into this game with an 8-7 record. I don't like our odds of reaching this game with only one more loss, but let's not pretend this team is as bad as Jacksonville. This will be the last game of the season so maybe a few injuries will pile up on Washington like they've piled up on us... Our defense played like $hit yesterday, so they should be better this time around... RG3 is a bad@ss motherf*cker, but he's still a rookie... hopefully he can make a few rookie mistakes unlike yesterday.

We played a close game against Atlanta, and we were a fingernail & 50 yard Field goal away from beating NY & Baltimore... so in my mind we are better than our record indicates... We could easily be sitting at 7-4 right now.
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