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Default Re: Best in game dunks

Originally Posted by MannyO
I never dunked in a game (I was inconsistent) until recently. Im 5'11, like 155lbs 19yrs old.

It was a regular pickup full court game in the gym but everybody was watching so it felt bigger than that. Anyway...

My teammate got the rebound I was leaking out and he passed it to me and I had a defender right on my tail. Without even thinking I took one dribble gathered quickly and just jumped. I got up high and dunked it in while the guy tried blocking it from the back and everybody was "ooing". Great feeling, especially for a first in game dunk.

Next game I have two more dunks, last one I cocked it back and hung on the rim a bit.

Nice. :) You will NEVER forget that dunk by the way. Ever. I still remember my first in game dunk. It wasn't anything special. All alone fast break, went up off one foot and dunked it in. Ended up getting another one the same game.
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