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Default Re: Your evolution as a poster

Originally Posted by STelfair31
we can see...

What you need to do --

1. Stop replying to everything, its ok for your threads to die down, don't feel like you have to keep them alive.

2. I agree with Statman, stop telling everyone you're black, we all know, we've heard it at least 1000 times in your 800 and something posts.

3. Talk basketball. Usually, when I see your posts in the NBA forum, you're going on about how the NBA is racist or something to do with street ball. Just talk basketball.

4. Stop making race threads. Please.

5. Going back to number 1. If you make threads, don't change your question half way through. I've notice you do this a couple of times. Stick to what your thread is about, and don't change questions. People get confused and start answering different questions all over the place.

6. ISH = #1.

Please don't come back with some remark about how I'm racist for saying the world 'black', or saying that i'm 'on your d.i.c.k' for posting this. Everyone here is just trying to help everyone else become a good poster.

Only the ignorant ones don't listen. Don't be ignorant. Just listen.
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