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Default Re: What are you reading?

Originally Posted by ZeN
Post your thoughts on the series.. I read the first novel and liked it a lot.. but havent returned to the series. I liked the vivid imagery and fantasy humor a lot. The way he writes as if hes so amused with his great comedic witticisms does get a bit tiresome. It didnt overall detract from my enjoyment of the book tho.
I usually find any of the Discworld books with Death, Rincewind or Sam Vimes/City Watch to be the best. Some of the early ones like Colour of Magic/The Light Fantastic, Mort and Guards! Guards! are all good.

Originally Posted by irondarts

This is a fantastic collection of personal letters from 1947-2007. Just great stuff.
I saw that, but didn't pick it up. Might go and get it some time later in the week.
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