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Default Re: Best in game dunks

I got another one. Open gym at fullerton st. Had a guy on the other team that was rough housing everyone. He was one of those bulky awkward guys that thinks its a game of football. I got mad and told him to quit fouling. He says something back and switches with the guy guarding me. Now he was way stockier than me but probably 5 inches shorter and a helluva lot slower. On the first play with him guarding me I get the ball at the wing, cross him up left then right and drive to the basket. The whole time he's crossed up and doesn't know what to do so be just backs up and stumbles a little. I give him a shoulder bump and push him back even more and before I knew it I was right by the rim. I go straight up and dunk it right over him. I just gave him the Kobe glare and walked back the other way. He didn't say shit to me the rest of the game.
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