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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

No way this old ass ref should be in there with possibly the most athletic guy in 147 and one of the busiest fighters in Guerrero. He coudlnt even break them up after that final bell in the 12th.

Berto went in there too cold it seemed. Got caught while using that philly shell defense (why Berto why? ) with an overhand left and he didnt recover until the middle rouinds.

Major props to Guerrero. Fought the smartest fight possible against this guy. Dont exchange in the middle of the ring with distance, and if he did get hit, he made sure it was in the shortest range possible where he knew he can take those shots(Berto is not heavy handed, just lightning fast and very accurate with his right.). Guerrero was suppose to be the smaller guy, but he dictated the pace and bullied the f*ck out of Berto which was very surprising.
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