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Default Raptors 2013 1st rounder

These are the details of the pick we traded and its protection:

Raptors 2013 first round pick (protected top 3 and 15-30 in 2013, top 2 and 15-30 in 2014-15, top 1 and 15-30 in 2016-17, unprotected in 2018).

Looking at the worst case scenario would have the raptors finish outside of top 3 and that pick is 4th. That would mark this season as a truly lost one as the raptors would not have progressed at all and to make matters worse lowry who we traded that pick for could bolt after his contract is up. The best case would be that raptors actually snap out of this and somehow get that 9th seed () and that pick ends up being 13th or 14th. Which at least shows this squad is progressing to a playoff berth. Another scenario that could be better than the above would be raptors turn into the craptors and tank it and get the best odds possible for staying in the top 3. This would allow raptors to pick up a stud and make a serious push next year for the playoffs.

Idk things are really looking bleak after that depressing game....
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