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Default Re: Dez Bryant might be heading to cleveland via Terrel Owens

Originally Posted by Nanners
in terms of speed/strength, playingmaking ability, raw athleticism, hands, overall talent..... etc, i would only rate calvin, julio, aj green, maybe harvin, maybe fitz and maaaaybe randall cobb over dez bryant. the guy has all the tools to be a beast, if he decides to focus on football instead of getting arrested in the mall and stupid shit like that... look out nfl

in dumbassery, dez ranks near the top. but dumbassery is something that can be overcome and with his physical gifts the sky is the limit.
I think people overrate off the field isn't like Dez getting a ticket at the mall or blowing oo much money on jewelry has done anything to his on the field production...

some of the greatest WRs of all time were complete morons...Moss, Owens...Michael Irvin, the man who's number Dez sports, did things so bad that it makes Dez look like an angel...Irvin fcking stabbed a teammate...he ran "the White House" a place where Cowboys players went to do coke and fck hookers away from their wives...I can't even imagine if that type stuff went down today...
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