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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Trent does all that Morris does plus have home run ability and is a better receiver out of the backfield. I give Morris props he has been a workhorse so far for the Deadskins. I just wouldnt take him over Trich. Trich has top 5 RB in the game ability. Morris to me doesnt. He works for the Skins so kudos.

Originally Posted by Jackass18
There's a big difference between college and the NFL. There's been a lot of players who looked great in college that didn't look so great in the NFL.

No my point was the reason Trent Richardson is favored in such arguments is because of his abilities coming out of college. Its more than him going to Bama playing in SEC and going #3. He went high in the draft regardless because of his talents.

Peterson went for over 1,300 yards with a 5.6 ypc in his rookie season, and the ol' 'Richardson is the only offense they have' excuse doesn't fly since Peterson was the only offense the Vikes had, too. Peterson performed, Richardson hasn't yet.

Different situations

He is better this year, but somehow I'm the biased one... I could say you all are being biased because Richardson came from the precious SEC and was a high draft pick.

And that would be stupid because I have zero bias for the SEC. What do you even base that on exactly? Thats what my initial point made. You watch Trent Richardson play football in college and thats what fans grew to love. Its not because he went to the SEC and went high. NFL teams ranked him high as a prospect. Let me guess why, SEC bias? Like come on man, stop being silly.
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