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Default Re: Who do the Chiefs pick: Matt Barkley or Geno Smith?

Originally Posted by KingBeasley08
Yeah, the QBs in this draft are awful. I'd say Geno is slightly better but neither are elite prosepcts. For the people that follow the draft more, what happened to guys like Tyler Bray and Tyler Wilson? Why'd they struggle so much this year?

Wilson was a victim of the Petrino crap. He also battled injury and I think had a number of guys buckle under the high expectations. I think he'll be a better pro under the right coach. Wilson also lost a lot of weapons to graduation I believe and didn't have guys step up. None existent running game hurt too. Bray would be smart to stay another year in college and gain some more polish. He has a ton of potential, but another year should help his draft prospects. Bray showed a ton of inconsistency and with the offensive talent they had, the team should have been better on that side of the ball.
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