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Default Re: Who do the Chiefs pick: Matt Barkley or Geno Smith?

KC needs to get better everywhere it seems.

They could use another CB opposite Flowers

They desperately need a 3-4 DE who can apply pressure to the QB. Their current DE's (Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey) cannot rush the passer. Star could be a nice fit for them - Though I'm not sure if he could operate as a 3-4 end, and he's not a great pass rusher, he makes his money in the run defense. He could be Tyson Jackson part 2, great against the run and invisible against the pass.

The best pass rushing DT (who could work as a 3-4 end) in this draft is Sylvester Williams from North Carolina IMO.

They also could upgrade their o-line.

I'd say Jarvis Jones is the least thing they need, they already have two superb pass rushing OLB's in Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. That may be the only position they don't need to upgrade.
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