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Default Re: Redskins trade for #2 overall

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Where he was drafted is completely beside the point right now. I was against the idea of taking a RB that high and made my opinion about it very clear on this very board prior to the draft.

But, once the guy is on the team, it matters very little where he was drafted to me. Plenty of high draft picks end up being mediocre players and plenty of late-round draft picks end up being studs. You can't just brush off solid performances because of the player's draft position. It was either good or not. Trent grinded out a nice game for himself and the team today. Period.

I also like how you list the one guy whose had a lot of success running the ball against the Steelers this year. Even they are allowed one off day.

How about last week when this same Steelers' defense "on the decline" held Ray Rice to 40 yards on 20 carries? Or when they held Shady McCoy to 52 yards? Or Morris 59 yards? Or McGahee 64 yards?

In fact, I think the only two guys to go over 100 yards on the Steelers' defense this year were Charles and McFadden. And there aren't many backs who totaled 112 yards and a TD or more against them.

Yeah, it was a good day.

And, we are 3-8. Congratulations on noting the standards aren't all that high on getting a win. Want a medal?
There aren't many backs that will get 29 carries or continue getting them when they are below 3 yards per carry. But if you honestly think scoring 20 points of 8 turnovers and winning by 6 is a good sign for the future and your offense then go ahead a drink the koolaid.
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