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Default Re: Who do the Chiefs pick: Matt Barkley or Geno Smith?

The draft may or may not have a lot of depth, who knows at this point....but it has a lot of talented prospects at the top.

Luke Joeckle isn't the #1 rated prospect right now on CBS for no reason. He dominated the SEC as a left tackle. Then you have his teammate Jake Matthews, who I think will be a pro bowl caliber player down the road.

You got quality pass rushing prospects. Mingo, Jones, Moore, Werner, Montgomery...and one of the most intriguing players in any recent draft, Dion Jordan.

DT's you have an elite prospect in Star and Hankins (the latter has questionable motor but his physical skills are scary) and some quality ones like Jesse Williams, Richardson, Jenkins, Short...

ILB you have one of the best prospects to come out in recent memory in Te'o.

Corners, Milliner might end up being that elite prospect, he certainly has the physical skills. He's currently rated #4 overall and has been moving up and up.

Jonathan Banks is a clean prospect at corner as well. I think he will be a great value for someone picking in the 25 range if he ends up there.

Eric Reid & Matt Elam are the top safety prospects. I don't think either is an elite prospect, but that doesn't mean I think they're bad players. I expect them to be good players.

You got one of the best guard prospects to come out in the last 10 years in Chance Warmack. Then another 1st rounder in Jonnathan Cooper and fringe 1st Barrett Jones.

TE is weak. Only Tyler Eifert seems like a potential 1st rounder and a late one at that.

WR is weak. elite prospect.

Don't think any RB will go in the first round either.

So in conclusion, bad draft for skill positions....absolutely a great draft for the front 7 defense and the OLine, and one elite corner prospect.
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