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Default Re: Ever date a psycho?

Originally Posted by WesWelkerACL
Yes and it comes from the parents and other issues. My problem is mine is absolutely beautiful. Hard to say no. I mean for me she's a 10.

Yup, after dating the wrong types of girls for a while, I made myself some checks that need to be made before I decide to actually date a chick. Rule #2 is to make sure her parents have a good relationship. Such an underrated quality.

Can't say I dated any psychos by the OP's standard, but I've had some girls turn psycho on me. My last one went literally psycho, three years in, she was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, which is about as fun as it sounds. I'd rather copy the wikipedia article on MPD with a toothpick and my own shit 100 times than relive what I did with her.
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