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Default Re: Raptors 2013 1st rounder

Originally Posted by bluerap
I think we are actually playing pretty well. I expect they will turn a corner at some point and start winning some of these close games and I think it is highly unlikely that they will finish with the 4 seed. Our team is way better than last year with way more upside. I expect we will end up with the 10-12 seed and the draft pick won't have that much value.
I just wish we had a freakin sf.

I agree with this.

The team is playing fairly well. Derozan looks intent on establishing himself. JV is playing far more maturely than I thought he would (foul trouble). Klow is klow... plays with tenacity but makes some bad decisions when he wants to do it on his own. EdDav has actually contributed very well in limited minutes. Amir has been consistent Amir.

Jose goes on 9 minute pointelss steaks, Barges is not performing at the level he is expected to (offence or D). We have no wing man that is any threat to score, drive, change up on D and hound the other team.

This team simply lacks the talent to close out close games.

I frankly dont know if this team will turn a corner and win some of the close games. Againist SanAntonio - I doubt it. Against Detroit or Charlotte ? I frankly wouldnt bet on it.

This is way too early to say we are doomed.

Lets see what trade deadline presents. Jose (for certain) Ed Davis (sadly but likely) and perhaps even Bargnani with only 1 more year and 12 million left.

I dont expect the 2013 1st is a big deal...

Lets see what we get back in talent.
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