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Default Re: Can Nolan make Superman not boring?

Looks like he's on the verge of delivering the first logical re-invention / re-imagining of the character for a contemporary audience.

He will treat the material seriously like he did BEGINS, TDK, RISES ... and judging from the teaser alone it will be a more heady and psychological approach.

Not fun and tongue in cheek like Donner. It will fit the times. Plus, the cast is AMAZING just like his Batman trilogy.

Michael Shannon

I'm totally excited. You should try reading a graphic novel called "Birthright" it's contemporary vision of Superman, and it's amazing. He's not some bland boy scout either, while he's unstoppable physically ... he has battles within himself that relate him to the audience.

Man of Steel will probably work the same way. Hopefully. Nolan / Goyer producing and outlined the story ...

w/ Snyder (300 and Watchmen) on the visuals. Impressive.
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