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Default Re: 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (Jack3d) and Drug Testing

Originally Posted by highwhey
I think he meant methamphetamine. Dmaa has a similar structure to amphetamine after all. I had no idea dmaa was in jack3d...some nutrition companies really don't give a sh!t do they? No offense to hateraid and his employer(not sure if your company includes this ingredient in their supplements).

I know dmaa is a poormans version of scheduled stimulants but it's still a strong stimulant and enough of it can cause harm.

Yeah, it causes false positives for methamphetamine. A more sophisticated gas chromatography test will reveal it as a false positive, but I'm not sure the military would waste the money to retest my sample so I need to pee clean the first time.

Apparently meth itself takes 3 days to clear your system, but I couldn't find any definitive answer for DMAA. A lot of people were saying 3-5 days, a few said a week and I read a couple that said because it's actually geranium oil that it could take up to a month (because oils tend to hang around longer).
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