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Default Re: Can Nolan make Superman not boring?

Superman( the movies at least, I haven't kept up with his comics in years so I can't say how he's portrayed now) has always been seen as 100% virtuous and practically free of character flaws. I'd like to see an interpretation that deals with an internal conflict, like using his powers for good or evil, or perhaps he makes a bad 'human' decision and out of tragedy recognizes the need to use his powers for good. He was raised as a human so for all purposes he should exhibit many of the character 'flaws' that define humans. Ultimately he chooses to take the right course because he recognizes that he's in a position to rule the world if he so chooses, but instead decided to act as its savior. Humanize the character, is what I'm saying.

I have a feeling, based off the tidbits of info I've read and teaser trailers I've seen, that this is the direction Nolan is taking the character, which I see as a good thing. It's possible to stay true to the character while modernizing him for today's audience.

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