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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by KG215
Something must be happening, because the most used/visited Arkansas message board (Hogville) has pretty much been inaccessible all afternoon. Last two times it was this bad was when Petrino got fired and John L. Smith got hired. It's where all the people who claim to have "sources" go to post what their "sources" are telling them. Out of the 10-15 regular posters that claim to have legit inside sources, though, there's only one or two I trust, and even they're only right about half the time on stuff like this.

That, coupled with the Sports by Brooks report of an offer being extended to Les Miles (my grandma knows the coach at LSU wouldn't leave for Arkansas, so no idea where that BS came from), and some Tweets about "a lot of smoke surrounding Gundy's name and it's not coming from Fayetteville" has apparently caused the Hogville servers to melt.

You'd think that, since every time any thing of any kind of significance happens their site crashes, they'd do whatever it takes to the servers or whatever to handle more traffic.

I've heard the Gundy talk from some Ok State friends who have, in the past, been pretty good sources.
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