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Default Re: Ever been in an altercation/argument/fight during pick up game?

The park that I grew up playing at (Twila Reid in Anaheim/Buena Park, CA)...we had so man gun altercations (no shots fired) and fights that they eventually just removed all the baskets. So now there's just black top.

Other park I played at (Liberty) they put bleachers at half court so no more full court games. Used to be some crazy ass brawls there between Samoans and Blacks.

Man you don't ever EVER wanna **** with Samoans. Even the black guys at the parks I would play at would shut the eff up whenever the Samoans would show up. They'd come 5-10 deep and you just knew that when they did show up you better be on your best behavior. One time this young white kid was playing and he went for a drive and lay up on the huge ass samoan pulled a Bynum/Barrea on the kid and sent him flying into the pole. He was on the ground in pain and they're all just laughing like "no blood no foul".
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