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Default Re: CBC: 5 Reasons Colangelo Should be Fired

Agree with most of your points except Calderon. This dude can contribute and he is tough limited talent yes but a great team player.

How about BC's most recent blunder. As most people would agree Lowry was a great pick up. Def a pg to build around, young, talented, hungry, tough, born leader, can rebound above average for his position and on a good contract. So what does BC do he goes after Steve Nash 3 years 30 million what an idiot. I know lots of people were on here at that time posting how Nash was a great player but not for Toronto and I agreed. So then he goes out and screws our cap situation by signing Fields in order to get Nash. We all know how that ended up my thing is any decent GM wouldve had the brains to see Lowry and cap room was much better than Nash and Fields.

For this he needs to go!!
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