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Default Re: CBC: 5 Reasons Colangelo Should be Fired

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
The pick itself at the time wasn't bad. Bargnani was my 3rd choice that year (I drank the kool-aid) behind Gay and Aldridge. Few people disputed it back then.

But the way the whole Bargnani situation was handled after was a disaster. Trying to shoe-horn him and Bosh together even though it was obvious they weren't a good fit right away. Then out-bidding yourself on the Bargnani extension (done once again with Derozan this offseason). There was absolutely no plan other than "we're going to try to make this Bargnani thing work no matter what any other factors are."

My top 3 for that year went:

1) LaMarcus Aldridge
2) Tyrus Thomas
3) Brandon Roy

This might make me sound bad, but I am not big on drafting *sigh* white players. Yes, call me racist, call me whatever, but look at most of the busts in lottery history. We could have got Adam Morrison. At least Bargnani gives us trade potential. Unfortunately, to do so, we have to get a new general manager.
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