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Default Re: CBC: 5 Reasons Colangelo Should be Fired

4. No discernible vision

Are the Raptors rebuilding or contending? This has been the question throughout Colangelo's tenure as the team building strategy seems to wander. Ultimately, it appears the Raptors have been content with taking a stab at the eighth playoff spot, in a vain attempt to build a 'winning atmosphere.' But, more often than not, this strategy has left the team in the middle of the lottery acquiring low-ceiling players like Ed Davis and Ross. The current roster, at its peak, is first-round fodder for the superior Eastern Conference powers. With the Raptors' first rounder most likely heading to the Oklahoma City Thunder (via the Kyle Lowry trade), the direction of this team is aimless.

To me, this is the biggest indictment of Colangelo, and why he should go. I mean, this team has never really committed to one "path" in his tenure here, and right now, what are they? They aren't rebuilding... they aren't contending.. they're just awful.
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