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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by beer
they were... go look at articles on any ucla blog or posts on any ucla forum before the story broke and while it broke. They wanted him fired before for missing the tourney 2 out of 3 years. To them, the si article was the final nail in the coffin.

all ucla fans and alums want him fired. about half of us (including myself) were silenced after the recruiting class and said ok, we'll give him this year to redeem himself. because there was no way our AD would fire him after that class. (our AD is a well documented idiot) well it doesn't matter and it didn't take long, he's failing.

on another note. george dohrmann has been attacking ucla since the harrick days. this is probably the fourth smear piece he's come out with against us, all of which have failed miserably(the point of dohrmann originally looking into our program was to look for recruiting violations, which he didn't find. but the man still needs a story!). i don't believe him to be honest. most if not all the players nelson supposedly bullied have denied it. (i found this link with a quick google search, it doesn't have all the players and quotes. there are a lot more than just honeycutt denying it.)

fire howland.

with respect dohrmann, as a big program there will always be detractors. however, the response he had to Nelson's actions was despicable, simply, he allowed him to act that way because he was an important player to the team. you think Bill Self or Billy Donavan would tolerate that? Hells to the fcuk no.

the recruiting class actually makes me hate him even more. the only reason these players (Shabazz, Anderson especially) went there is because they are likely one and dones if they have a great season, taking into consideration as well that they will likely be running the show not howland.

unfortunately, i dont see it happening anytime soon if this recruiting class plays wins or play well in Pac 12
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