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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by beer
well we agree on one point. we both hate howland. i really don't care if the SI article is or isn't true at this point in time, i just want him fired. unfortunately the story didn't get him fired, but it does look like this embarrassment of a season will.

as far as the recruits running the show... i wish. maybe ucla basketball would actually be fun to watch. it's still howland's unbearable offense. and you can add jordan adams to that list. he has stated many times it was his goal to be a one and done. sucks cause he's my fav of the recruits so far but whatever, doubt he'd stay when the new coaching staff is hired next year.

but can you elaborate on this

isn't that why all those top recruits go to kentucky.... cause they're one and dones and want to have a successful season... maybe i'm just not understanding what you're trying to say.

Just referring to a possibility as to why his freshman class was so strong this year. You have two guys openly saying they want to only play one year (Adams and Shabazz) and another (Anderson) who can make the jump if they make a run this year. Seems hard to believe they all said "ah man let's restore greatness to this program" that's all

as for the offense, it hasn't been as bad as previous years, but i agree. His style died with the Big East (too soon?) and it just doesn't appeal to players looking to play only one year.

btw i think ALL of these freshman would be making a mistake declaring. Jordan Adams is already an NBA shooter, but not an NBA defender...yet. Kyle Anderson has an amazing feel for the game but he needs to get so much stronger its not even funny. Shabazz is still too out of shape to tell i guess. If howland got fired and they were looking to stay in school theyd probably be all gone to other schools anyways
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