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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

There are a few ways I want to approach this. I think I will go with this...

Roy needs to change the way he recruits. I'm not saying start secretly handing bags of cash and keys to a brand new car over to recruits, their handlers, or whomever else. Not saying get involved with World Wide Wes or Brian Clifton. Both of which are impossible now anyway, since Roy burned those bridges long ago, and thankfully so.

But Roy, like all coaches, have a type. This is from his book:

“I remember going to recruit Marvin Williams, and in one game he had 36 points. But that wasn’t what sold me on him. Marvin fouled out of that game, and while the crowd was giving him a standing ovation, he walked over to the end of the bench and grabbed five cups of water and handed them to the five guys who were going back into the game. I said to myself, ‘I really want this kid.’”

That's his type.

And there is nothing even remotely wrong with gracious, down to earth kids (that's what high school recruits are) at all. If I were a coach, I would want all my players to be exactly like that.

Except... also have the ability to turn on a switch when they step on the court.

Marvin Williams? Extremely talented basketball player who is perfectly fine with being a role player. Not in a good way like fitting within the team's scheme, but more like willing to sit in the background.

Reggie Bullock is the same. That's the reason why JP Tokoto went from the top recruit to nearly dropping out the top 100 in less than a year. Love the guy and at least he produced, but Tyler Zeller is somewhat from that mold. There are many others as well.

You can't possibly tell me there aren't players who are humble off the court and killers on. Durant and Rose come to mind... Although neither would have qualified at UNC (so close with Durant...), and I guess that's the biggest obstacle.

To his defense, Roy did find several like Lawson, Hansbrough, Hairston, Barnes and a few others.

What makes things worse is that most kids now see college as a stepping stone to the NBA. Which is fine and all, except it's no longer the top kids who see that. You have 60-100 kids wanting to come in and start right away and then get drafted as quickly as possible. Even if it's not realistically possible, the advice they get makes them think otherwise. Hell, look at Troy Williams (Indiana recruit) and his ordeal.

It's obviously a different game nowadays and I don't even know what Roy can do. But something needs to change, because he followed suit with his 2013 class again. Unless by the very off chance we land Wiggins. And then he would just be an anomaly.

In a nutshell: I'm tired of players pussying out and avoiding contact.

And I'm not backing down. I still see a nice future with this current group of players in 1-2 years.
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