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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by D12"Magic"
It just feels so good to see that the Nets are back.

We could of been been 8-0 at home, but whatever, gotta let that T-Wolves game behind us, which they have.

Now that we know we have a great home court, we have to win on the road, that is what great teams do.

I dont get why some knick fans were getting mad, because people kept mentioning Nets had more fans, idk maybe because you guys have heckled us all the time, over running our older buildings saying that the Knicks will play a home game at the Barclays. The fact that we had majority Nets fans in our arena is impressive and you shouldn't take anything away from that. Props to the fans our real 6th man
Great post. I hate the excuse "we weren't 100%/if Kidd played we would have won" that I have heard since the Knicks lost. I hope Knicks fans get comfortable losing to us because we aren't the team that has been the leagues door mat for the last 3-4 years anymore.
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