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Default Re: What's your longest drought?

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
I'm curious.

Right now I have been without the box for three days, but my longest time boxless after losing my virginity was probably a month. I waited a long time to have sex, but since then I've been sort of addicted. People posting porn here doesn't help either.

I want to hear the funny desperation stories that seems to occur when you've gone without it for so long you can't stand it. Plowking, correct me if I'm wrong on anything and feel free to share most of what I've told you because I can't remember shit right now.

LOL... just seeing this thread now.

Maaaaan, you tell me shit, but you hardly ever show me the girls. Funny shit is most of my dry spells were happening when you were dabbling with 2 or 3 girls, and your dry spells were when I was fooling around with 2 or 3. Glad there is some continuity and that you're not the actual karmic/butterfly effect reason for my dry spells, since we both getting some regularly now.

I dunno, I can't remember how long the longest is. Maybe 1 or 2 months. After that drought was possibly the hottest chick I've ever bedded, so it was worth the wait.
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