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Default Re: Fire Gar/Pax Right f*cking now!

This thread wasn't about Howard. I vouldn't care less about him coming here. I was never on the bandwagon for him being moved here. This was about the lack of moves being made and what moves that were made, pretty much sucked.

They should've offered Asik a decent contract instead of letting him get a back loaded deal that they weren't going to match. They could've re-signed Korver to a lesser deal, or kept his pay the same. I figured Watson, lucas, Brewer would be let go, but to replace them with Nate Robinson, Vlad Rad, & Nazi is just ridiculous.

It's funny other teams can just reload players left and right, but the Bulls FO always stands pat and picks up the scraps. So you want to call me a whiny btch because I want them to make something happen and surround Rose with good players instead of overpaying players already on the team? Then so be it, but be man enough to leave your nae in the rep box bitch.
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