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Default Re: Gasol for Bargnani and Calderon...

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I don't even know. Whatever.

Gasol is clearly a better player than Bargnani and would give more production than Bargs/Calderon combined. But really, it's just "spinning your wheels". Gasol won't elevate the Raptors into any legit contender. For the next two years we're going to watch a mediocre at-best team where the "core" will still be Lowry and Valanciunas.

No agreed. The deal doesnt address team needs (as I indicated) nor make them a contender. At best it moves them into the "for sure 9 - 10 - 11 mix in the east". Pgas is enough a vet to be able to play in the coaches system and excel where asked.

I was simply thinking of moves where (1) talent comes back (2) the team is not cap handicapped beyond 2 years and (3) I would think Pgas would have a positive effect on JV.

Such a move may allow the team to retain and come to terms with Ed Davis as the long term option at the 4 - perhaps.

Secondly if I am correct - you would have Pgas and Amir come due as "expiring deals" in 2014 - off the books in 2015. That amounts to about $25Million as I recon....

Setting up 2015 with a mature JV, Klow extended (please), Derozan, Ed Davis (extended please), Terrence Ross, and Acy is a nice young core. Add an impact swing man and frankly that is a team that would be very solid.
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