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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

Originally Posted by knickballer
If Kaepernick does struggle in two weeks time and he does switch to Smith I see it becoming a problem as well.. At that time there's going to be no continuity in the offense and I'm sure the chemistry of the team will be hurt as well.

I'm just afraid of what will happen in the postseason. Like what Timmy says what happens if we play a team like Atlanta lets say on the road and they're crucifying him? Would he be able to lead the team for a comeback like the New Orleans game last season?(Where Smith gets absolutely no credit for!)

I think we agree, i don't like the timing. Rookie QB's (which Kaepernick essentially is) have a learning curve and generally have a few horrific weeks. So to me, i get the switch. NEXT YEAR. In preseason. Doing it now essentially puts your growing pains in the playoffs. Because like you, i don't see the flipping work.

Smith was playing well, he had a few hiccups but everyone does. I think Smith gives the Niners a better chance. (If the Giants play the Niners in the playoffs, i rather Kaepernick be in there. I think our pass rush against a rookie QB in a huge spot will rattle him. I don't think Smith would be rattled, he might make mistakes just because anyone can and will, but i could see Kaepernick cracking.)

I don't get it but i guess we'll see how it plays out.
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