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Default Re: CBC: 5 Reasons Colangelo Should be Fired

Thanks Chamberlain its good to be here.

I also agree you cant blame him too much for taking Bargnani number 1 he was ranked pretty high. Lets not worry about what happened 5 years ago its like a previous poster said its more about how BC has been sticking with Bargs through the years after he has shown that he is weak link. This is reason to fault BC not on the draft 5 years ago. Signing Fields in the offseason? horrible. Trying to get nash when Lowry was a done deal. horrible. mismanaging cap space. horrible.

Draft picks have been ok i think. Bargs fell in his lap at number 1 im sure the other gms would have picked him. DeRozan not bad. Davis could be close to a David west type player if he keep develping. Valanciunas pretty good draft pick most would agree. TRoss looking good so far.

I kind of like BC and kinda want him too go.

He's like Bargnani, shows flashes of brilliance but is soo inconsistent its frustrating.
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