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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by Dolphin
So Big 10 is up 4-2 heading into tonight's games. They obviously have the advantage, but I can see the ACC at least getting a tie out of this.

I will give Wisconsin and Clemson wins tonight. 5-3.

If Harris and Trice were back and not possibly rusty, I'd be confident enough that MSU would win at Miami....but MSU is always susceptible to road losses against an ok team...especially this early. If those two do play tonight, hopefully there's good cohesion. Turnovers will give Miami a chance if they aren't under check tonight as well. I will give MSU the win, but am not very confident. Hopefully they win big and give a glimpse of what they can become. 6-3.

I want to give Illinois the win, but I'm not sold on them yet. They are definitely not good enough to play average and win tonight. I think this game will come down to the wire. Now the ACC would have to win this game, the OSU/Duke game and a terrible game between BC/PSU. I doubt they can do that, but the MSU, Illinois and Wisconsin games are pretty important.
Last night went about as expected. I expected Michigan and Indiana to win, especially playing at home; but, on top of that, both UNC and NC State were and still are struggling to find their way.

I guess Minnesota winning at Florida State could be looked at as a bit of a surprise, but Minnesota is the better team in my opinion. Don't know much about Nebraska, but Wake Forest is horrible, so I thought that was going to be another Big 10 win.

I'd probably give Ohio State the edge in tonight's game if it was at Ohio State, but I can't see them beating Duke at Duke. Georgia Tech looked surprisingly better than I thought they would during their Thanksgiving break tournament (can't remember the name of it) but I still can't see them going to Illinois and winning.

I don't know...I just thought the Big 10 was clearly the better conference this year. Their top 3-4 teams are much better than the ACC's top 3-4 teams right now, and it's a deeper conference overall in my opinion.

Oh, and the ACC is going to be really, really good (at the top at least) once Syracuse and Louisville join.
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