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Default Re: 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (Jack3d) and Drug Testing

Originally Posted by shlver
Do you know how many otc drugs and broad spectrum antibiotics show up as false positives on elementary tests? I don't know firsthand but I'm sure they confirm initial positives at a certified lab. What do you mean tests that are $2 or $200? They send them to a lab.

Immunoassay tests are the cheap ones, those are just the double line tests with the strip they stick in the pee cup. The gas chromatography mass spectometry tests are the expensive ones.

Both of the Navy recruiters in the office said the military won't spend the money on an expensive test for potential recruits. Understand that I am not in the military yet, this is for MEPS (Military Entrance Processing and Screening). They also called the Chief Petty Officer responsible for recruiting in my area and he also thought I should wait.
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