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Default Re: 2012 Insidehoops Christmas Avatar

Originally Posted by brandonislegend
26k posts since 2011 still dont see how that is even possible

5,600 posts of pure harassment, unfunny 1 liners and literally ZERO substance or serious discussion. That seems far more impossible to me. You said all I talk about is Bledsoe but I've been in dozens and dozens of non Clippers related debates on this site including many threads I started. The end of the Bulls dynasty, Ben Wallace's case as a top 10 defender etc. Tons of threads that not only went the distance but had some fantastic discussion from everybody.

I can't associate you with anything besides snarky one liners and insults/trolling towards other posters. As much as you talk about me having no life and you want a mini picture of another poster as your avatar to troll somebody? Grow up moron. You're the epitome of a "douchebag" on ISH.
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