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Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
In a way, because there will probably never be a precaution of an actual physical altercation... lot of posters will just keep talking a lot of shit, just to get a rise out of it.

I'm pretty sure Clippersfan and Brandonislegend could probably meet up somewhere in LA and settle this like men (physical fight), instead of the back and forth on a message board, but if one doesn't oblige, then this is going to keep happening.

Sounds a bit extreme. For me to want to take the time to meet up with Brandon and fight him I'd have to truly dislike or hate the guy. If he wanted a truce right now I'd take it just like I have with other people trolling me. This stuff doesn't affect me enough to make me want to fight.

There is nobody here on ISH that I wouldn't smooth over conflict with if they wanted to.
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