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Default Re: European teams summer signings

Originally Posted by Grinder
The great Panionios loaded with great players just got their asses kicked by a middling Belgian team. Matt Lojeski and Wes Wilkinson tore them up together with 41 points and 14 rebounds.

You are a ****ing idiot. A ****ING IDIOT.

First of all, I said it was a great roster of talent, and for their budget.

Secondly, you REALLY PROVE you NEVER EVER watch any European basketball EVER and that you are once again just a a damn troll and a dumb ass.

Panionios does have a damn good roster based on talent and with time they will be a very good team. Their roster for a young team is comparably much better IMHO than teams like Lietuvos Rytas and Partizan (the one so many people drooled over for "talent").

I never said anything either about them advancing past their group, although they still could do so. It's a young team and they are focusing on the Greek league obviously.

But you are an idiot.

Ashton Gibbs
Mark Payne
Nikos Pappas
Landon Milbourne
Vlantimir Giankovits
George Bogris
Vassilis Kavvadas
Ioannis Athinaiou

That is a lot of talented young players that just need some time, but not too much to make a really nice team. Maybe even by the middle of this season. You are a moron if you can't see how many good young players they have.

Even guys like Agravanis, Toliopoulos, and Mostenigos are good young players, but they are years away from being ready.

The facts are that,

1. Panionios is a very young team.

2. They are in a hard group by Eurocup standards.

3. They went through 2 coaching changes.

4. They had injury problems that killed them so far......

Dikoudis and Nadfedji could not join the team yet because of injury problems. Those were supposed to be the only veteran players along with Batis and Booker to help balance out all the young players. But they got injuries and could not join the team yet.

Kavvadas got injured and missed basically the season so far. He was their best player last year in the Greek playoffs.

All in all, you are a ****ing idiot that does not know when to STFU.

Hell, with Pappas alone it is like half a team of even the best Eurocup teams. If they just had for example Dikoudis, they probably would have already qualified.

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