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Default Re: Bad lost to the Pacers. Sigh

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Good Post

I disagree with you in only 1 way.......We still had a chance to win that game until 'Antoni failed to make a defensive switch, had he made that switch the Lakers would've won in overtime with Hibbert out.
I'm a coach and if I had done something like that I would blame myself no matter how bad the team played......everything ultimately falls back on the coach. To see him blow it with a fundamental end of game scenario is a sign of things to makes us so much weaker at the end of games if a coach doesn't know what to do. This is not me bashing a coach, this is me directly speaking of a game losing lack of coaching. I'll see if it continues to happen before I actually bash the guy.

Yeah, but would you agree with me that coaches make hundreds of decisions from the preparation (1-2 days back) to the game time adjustments etc?
If yes, then my problem with most of your sentiments is that I hardly read any posts from you giving credit to coaches when they win but ultimately blame them when they make a few questionable decisions which btw sometimes are aided with our hindsight.
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