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Default Re: Bad lost to the Pacers. Sigh

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Good Post

I disagree with you in only 1 way.......We still had a chance to win that game until 'Antoni failed to make a defensive switch, had he made that switch the Lakers would've won in overtime with Hibbert out.
I'm a coach and if I had done something like that I would blame myself no matter how bad the team played......everything ultimately falls back on the coach. To see him blow it with a fundamental end of game scenario is a sign of things to makes us so much weaker at the end of games if a coach doesn't know what to do. This is not me bashing a coach, this is me directly speaking of a game losing lack of coaching. I'll see if it continues to happen before I actually bash the guy.

I definitely agree with you that if its Jordan Hill in the game rather than Pau, that 9 times out of 10, G.Hill does not make that shot. Its hard for me to blame the coach for the game when it came down to just one possession.

100% agreed with you. However in the last stretch, Pau was our best player (as dumb as that can seem with his trend nowadays). It may have been a tough decision. Im sure it was thought about...

One thing coach can do to improve his practices is to instill "Nobody leaves until they make 10 straight free throws". That crap pissed me off...
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